Sommerschule Wust

The Spirit of Summerschool Wust

During the summer holidays we, 15 kids (6th - 9th grade), were at the Summerschool in Wust. There we slept in tents on a sports ground. Every day from 8 o'clock till 12 o'clock we went to the school and there we learned English with our english and american tutors. Breakfast and lunch we took at the Cafeteria in the school. Every morning before the lessons there were the morning appeals where the daily programm was introduced, like how to dance at a 80's party or how to play volleyball.
After the lessons it was possible to attend so called Clubs: With Pam (Texas) and Annie (New York) we sung old and new english songs in a choir; American Football with Drew (Texas) was very interesting for the people who looked at it. Also there was Spanish with Katie (Northern England) and "Abi-English" with Sinéade (Oxford) and Rob (England) and much more.
Then there were special days like the 80's Day (in the evening there was an 80's Party with american burgers), the Crazy Hair Day (a lot of crazy hairstyles) and the Valentines Day (writing english love letters and a party with all people in love).
At the end of the two weeks we saw a bilingual play which was performed by our tutors, called "The Day The Pope Was Kidnapped" and the "Wuster Rooster" (a magazine with funny pictures and memories) was published.